Why Brink's


Brink’s knows the importance of safeguarding your money, that is why in 1917 Brink’s began armoring their vehicles helping lead the way for security companies around the world. Brink’s knows the value of security in all its products, and we keep true to this value by offering business debit cards with Mastercard® ID Theft Protection™ and Mastercard Zero Liability Protection² with the Brink’s Travel + Expense solution.

Since its conception, Brink’s has been a pioneer in security improvement to safeguard your money. In 1925 Brink’s introduced the 2-key safe to add a layer of protection to safe boxes. Today, all our solutions have the added safety protection of being FDIC insured. Funds held within Brink's Travel + Expense are FDIC insured up to $250,000 per account owner through The Bancorp Bank.


Since 1891 Brink’s has been trusted to carry not only money, but also some of the country’s most valuable items, like the Declaration of Independence. By offering mobile receipt load using our Mobile App, you can trust our solution to help you ensure compliance of your travel and expense policies.


Brink’s was founded in 1859 when Perry Brink purchased a horse drawn carriage to make the first express delivery. Since then, Brink’s has valued the importance of speed and reliability. With alerts¹ and a real-time reporting, you can always keep on top of your finances, in the office or on the go.

Early on, Brink’s gained a strong reputation for its reliability to transport valuables. In 1891, Brink’s landed its first large payroll delivery customer; The Western Electric Company with about 130 employees. With Brink’s Travel + Expense, you can also rely on Brink’s to enable pre-approved spending to employees or contractors with just a click.


In 1890, Brink’s opened its first customer service switchboard, a testament of Brink’s commitment to their customers. Today, Brink’s Travel + Expense customers can take advantage of a dedicated 24/7 Support Team and review account transactions via website or Mobile App.

In 1962, Brink’s established its air delivery service, and by 1970 it was making deliveries to 100 major cities in the US. Because Brink’s knows the value of convenience, it is quick and easy to sign up for Brink's Travel + Expense and assign and control employee expense cards.


Brink’s is a global leader in security-related services for banks, financial institutions, mines, retailers, diamond and jewelry industries, pharmaceuticals, and a variety of other commercial and governmental customers. From armored transportation to cash management, Brink’s services also include money processing, long-distance transport of valuables, vaulting and other value-added solutions.

Brink’s is founded on a heritage of trust, customer focus and accountability. We currently employ and serve over 70,000 people worldwide, serving customers in more than 100 countries. Today, thousands of companies across the globe entrust Brink's with their most precious assets.

Manage business expenses without compromising time, money, or security.