Industries Served

Brink's Travel + Expense provides both employee expense cards and utility cards for flexible expense management. Here are a few examples of how different businesses could use Brink's Travel + Expense cards to easily manage their business expenses.


Robert runs a construction company and issues Brink's Travel + Expense cards to his crew members so they know what and when they can spend. Budgets and expenses differ based on the project, and Robert can always adjust quickly by using flexible card controls. Robert no longer has to use cash or his own credit card for every transaction, and can manage his projects and crew on the go through the intuitive, user-friendly, interface of our expense management Mobile App.


As the event planner for a corporate company, Tina uses Brink's Travel + Expense to plan her budgets and create expense cards for each individual event. This way, she can easily keep track of her expenses, and never worry about handling cash or losing receipts. She also assigns expense cards to interns and contractors as needed, and simply turns their expense cards off with one click after their job is done while creating a detailed paper trail the whole time.


Nathan owns a local transportation business and issues a single Brink's Travel + Expense card to each of his truck drivers to use for fuel and vehicle expenses. Since Brink's Travel + Expense seamlessly integrates with his accounting software, Nathan saves time and energy through his year-end tax reporting and expense reconciliation. Nathan and his accountants not only appreciate the time savings gained by the easy-to-use expense management app, but the ease of which employee expenses can be controlled and monitored.


Lisa runs a program that provides nursing home care to seniors. Most of her staff are caregivers working away from the office, and unexpected expenses arise all the time—grocery runs, repairs costs, etc. Using Brink's Travel + Expense cards, the caregivers never need to worry about handling cash, paying out of pocket, or recording their transactions. Since controls can be set in one place, the Brink's Travel + Expense debit card allows Lisa to easily manage her staff no matter where they are.